Rigid Video Proctosigmoidoscopy

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video proctosigmoidoscopy India Traditionally a rigid procto-sigmoidoscope is just a metal tube with an inbuilt light source. I describe a rigid video Procto-sigmoidoscope, used for the purpose of proctosigmoidoscopy. It is a major advance in the past 100 years in rigid instruments and is described for the first time in the medical literature.

I performed 21 cases of procto-sigmoidoscopy in the past 2 years with the rigid video Procto-sigmoidoscope. 17 patients had a polyp, 2 had ulcers and 2 had proctitis. It is a 5 in 1 device which is a merger of a telescope, light source, endo-camera, sheath, and instrumentation channel. It has a diameter of 10 mm with a 30 cm working length a 4 mm instrumentation channel and a 4 mm video camera with 4 LEDs. It has a side channel for gas insufflation.

The advantages of the device over traditional equipment are that it is a compact device 5 in 1 in nature with an inbuilt endo-camera and LEDs as a light source at the tip.  It is extremely cheap and is commercialized at a reasonable cost of Rs.40,000 compared to Rs. 5 Lakh for conventional instruments. The liberal 4 mm instrumentation channel accommodates all sorts of 3 mm laparoscopy and endoscopy instruments which are already commercially available in the market. The output of the device is a USB that goes in a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, android mobile phones, and Android-based tabs, and no separate utility is needed for recording. The rigid Video Proctosigmoidoscopy India Jalgaon can do a variety of diagnostic procedures such as proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and therapeutic procedures such as endoscopic biopsy for Hirschsprung’s disease, and operative procedures such as polypectomy, coagulation of rectal ulcers, banding of piles, etc. It can be sterilized by putting it in a Formalin chamber for 30 minutes or with Ethylene Oxide gas.

Rigid video procto-sigmoidoscope is a unique low cost and compact device which is affordable to every pediatric surgeon. It will revolutionize video proctosigmoidoscopy in third-world countries.