Laparoscopic Camera

Laparoscopic Camera | Basic Model 5 Megapixel

Laparoscopic Endo camera India

USB Laparocam-laparoscopic camera regular model 1)     Cheapest laparoscopic camera in the world costing. 2) Laparoscopic  camera  has no separate bulky processing unit and compact design 3) Laparoscopic  camera has World’s highest video resolution of 5 Mp compared to 0.25 MP in other cameras. 4) Laparoscopic  camera has an adapter is detachable; hence camera need not be discarded if the adapter develops a fault. 5) Laparoscopic  camera can be used for purposes other than laparoscopy as it attaches to a cystoscope, bronchoscopic telescope, arthroscope, and even to upper and lower GI endoscopes. It also attaches to a pathology microscope with a different adapter. 6) The quality of the image of Laparoscopic camera  does not drop with time as the sensor and processing unit is in the same place without having any wires in between them. 7) Laparoscopic  camera is extremely user-friendly with all functions automatic with manual adjustment options for specific customization. 8) Laparoscopic  camera  comes with free but advanced software with a variety of customizable options for color, exposure, brightness, contrast, and white balance which is usually not supplied with other laparoscopic cameras. 9) Laparoscopic  camera is extremely light sensitive and requires far little light giving bright and crisp images even in darker places and through smaller scopes. 10) Laparoscopic  camera is compatible with a variety of free software and applications available on the internet and is compatible with a variety of devices such as PC, Laptops, Android phones, and Android and IOS-based devices. 11) Recording of the video in my Laparoscopic  camera  is possible with the free software. You have to buy a separate recording system for other laparoscopic cameras 12) Although the Laparoscopic  camera is not reparable, but the camera board can be replaced immediately saving money and time.

Laparoscopic  camera Deluxe Model

Advanced Model– 34 Megapixel

Laparoscopic Endo camera India |  Best Laparoscopic Endo camera India

USB Laparocam Deluxe Model, the most advanced best Laparoscopic  camera India in the world made by me. It has a massive 34 Megapixel resolution compared to 0.5 to 1 MP for other Rs. 3 Lakh cameras in the market this Laparoscopic  camera has HDMI and USB output. Laparoscopic  camera works on 4 MP video in HDMI mode and records video on 4 MP on a TF card. the Laparoscopic  camera records images on a TF card on a massive 21 MP. Laparoscopic  camera has an on-screen display and a remote control. It comes with an equally advanced zoom coupler that can accept any telescope from 1 mm to 10 mm. With a special adapter, Laparoscopic  camera can attach to any flexible Olympus endoscope. Width and height are 7cm, thickness 1 cm. With all these features this Laparoscopic  camera is the most advanced laparoscopic camera on the planet.