Rigid Video laparoscope

Best Video laparoscope in India Jalgaon
Rigid Best Video Laparoscope in India Jalgaon | Video laparoscope | Laparoscope | Laparoscope Video | Laparoscope Video in India Jalgaon | A laparoscope is a medical device that is used in minimally invasive surgical procedures. It consists of a long, thin tube with a high-resolution camera and light source at the end, which allows a surgeon to see inside a patient’s body without making large incisions. During a laparoscopic procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision and inserts the laparoscope into the body. The camera sends real-time images to a video monitor, which the surgeon uses to guide tiny surgical instruments to the site of the problem. Because the incisions are so small, laparoscopic surgery typically results in less pain, scarring, and a faster recovery time than traditional surgery. Rigid  Video Laparoscope is used in a variety of surgical procedures, including gynecologic surgery, urologic surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery. Rigid  Video Laparoscope is commonly used to diagnose and treat conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, and hernias. While laparoscopy is generally considered safe, there are risks associated with any surgical procedure. These can include bleeding, infection, and damage to surrounding organs or tissues. Patients should discuss the risks and benefits of laparoscopy with their healthcare provider before undergoing the procedure.

Rigid  Video Laparoscope (8 and 10 mm) is a three-in-one device in the sense that It is a combination of a telescope, Led light source, and laparoscopic endo camera. Rigid  Video Laparoscope is equivalent to $ 10,000 as $ 4000 for an optical endoscope, $ 4000 for an endo camera, and $ 2000 for a Led light source are incorporated in it. With great hard work, the first author himself commercialized the Rigid  Video Laparoscopeit at a cost of Rs.30,000 which is the cheapest Best Video laparoscope  in the market today. 
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